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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eyes, Eyes, Eyes - October 2012.

It has been a while since I published anything. I had decided to experiment with steel frames. I believe this is probably the way to go for heavy pieces, such as the series of eyes I am working on presently.

Because these pieces are long and can be fragile (I broke one or two of them, and the repair work is something I would rather not have to do again) I now reinforce the backing board with wood before I transfer the mosaic onto it. I also thought the steel frame would also considerably reinforce the whole piece.

As I am not equipped to weld, I had to find welders to help me, this took a little while, tests, and errors (on my part)... 

Anyway, I am about to publish 3 more pieces, I need to get some good pictures of them, but  - for your eyes only - here are details of two of them,..

 "Los Ojos de Maribel"


"Les Yeux d'Eva"...

Both pieces are approximately 53 x 14 inches (133 x 35 cm), and made of ceramics, glasses and granites.

Stay tuned, I will soon publish full pictures of these pieces. 

Send me a picture of the eyes of a person dear to you, I will create a beautiful mosaic of them.