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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The Mathilde Mosaic was completed a few month ago, but, it was a birthday present for a young lady dear to me who just turned 27 last Sunday. So, until now, I had not been able to publish it...

Until today, I had refered to her as the Mysterious Woman... Now you can see and know her by her real name.

Mathilde is made of glass and iridescent glass tiles, and she measures 18 x 30 Inches (46 x 76 cm).

The Original Mathilde Picture

I take commissions - if you desire a portrait of a loved one, - or are intereseted in any other mosaic work -  please contact me and let us discuss your project.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Looking for a Name

So this is my last creation - and she has no name yet. In my archives, she is "3D Torso" - I posted pictures of her on Facebook, asking for names. I have had quite a few so far, inspired from various traditions, including pure redneck (Tits Mc Gee...)

This lady is made of glass tiles, her background is of black granite and black beach pebbles 

The piece is 36 x 22 " (90 x 55 cm) without the frame. 


Here are the  names I received so far : 
Mère Nature
Tuatha Dé Danan
Diana Arduinna
Man's Desire
Bettina (She has a fine patina)
La femme tronc
Tits McGee!
Venus Emerging

Please tell me which name you like the best !


The Green tattoos are shaped like young ferns leaves

in remembrance of the war paints of the Picts, the hard fighting Scottish warriors of the Roman period - Do you remember Gwenyffar in the last King Arthur's movie ? 

Apparently, green and blue war paints were a staple common to numerous celtic populations. But the Picts may have used them more than other tribes - as their latin name "Picti" - from "pingere" - to paint - actually means "painted or tattooed people."

Her bikinis seem more modern ?  Actually, they really are not...

Have a look at these athletes :

These ladies date from around 400 AD. This mosaic is part of the decoration of the Villa Romana Casale in Sicily.

And you thought Bikinis had been invented by a Frenchman in 1946 ?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Saxophone Players awarded

The Saxophone Players won a Merit Award at the 12th Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition of the Dale County Council of Arts and Humanities, at the Ann Rudd Museum of Arts in Ozark, AL, on Saturday, August 18.

The Sax Players Mosaic is  18 x 18 inches ( 46 x 46 cm). It is made of ceramics, granite, marbles and gilded mirror.

 The Show is open to the public until September 28, 2012

Also displayed at the show were the Christ Icon 

and the Tree of Life