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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Medusa was one of three sisters known as the Gorgons.

Originally a golden-haired and very beautiful maiden, she was as a priestess of Athena, devoted to a life of celibacy; but wooed by Poseidon, whom she loved in return, she forgot her vows, and became united to him in marriage. 

For this offence she was punished by the goddess in a most terrible manner. Each wavy lock of the beautiful hair which had so charmed her husband, was changed into a venomous snake and whoever would gaze directly upon her would turn to stone. 

Rhodes Medusa Mosaic - 4th century BC

From then on, her life became very complicated. It ended tragically when Perseus beheaded her.

She became however a favourite theme of ancient mosaics.
Brading Roman Villa, Isle of Wight, UK

I started to work on my own Medusa during the summer of 2011.

As usual, I used my preferred reverse method for this piece.  I laid the first tesserae  - Black granite and Beige Travertine - on August 28.
Medusa, August 28, 2011

On August 30 I completed the outside frise - a geometrical pattern often found in ancient Greek mosaics.

Medusa, August 30, 2011.

It took one week to complete the full head. Medusa is made mostly of stones : marbles of various colors, travertine, granite, and I used small pieces of red smalti for the snakes tongues.

Medusa, September 7, 2011. Dry

One way to better visualize the final result why working the reverse method is to spray water on top of the piece... The water brings out the actual colors as if the piece had been polished.

Medusa, September 7, 2011. Wet

I flipped Medusa at the beginning of October and used a dark red grout to fill the gaps between the tesserae.
Medusa, October 8, 2011

You can appreciate on these 2 pictures how the quality of light impacts the way you see a mosaic. This is an important factor to consider when you place a piece in your home. Generally, a warmer light better brings out the colors of a mosaic.

Medusa, October 8, 2011
As Medusa was destined to be a table, I polished her very finely. 

Although a polished mosaic does not catch the light as beautifully as an unpolished one I like to polish my tables. The feel of the hand on the well polished stone is a very pleasant one. 

Finally, Medusa was inserted into a beautiful bronze coated frame made of cast aluminium and steel.

Medusa, October 12, 2011

The 3 legs of the table represent the winged horse Pegasus. 
Pegasus,  Apulian red figure vase 4th Century B.C.

Medusa, November 2011.
Pegasus, the result of the marriage of Poseidon to Medusa, was born when the hero Perseus cut her head off.

Detail of the Table leg.

Medusas dimensions are : 
Mosaic diameter : 27"  (69 cm)
Table Height : 24" (61cm)
Table Diameter (horses level) : 34" (86 cm)

If you are interested in the Medusa Table, would like to commission a different table or mosaic, or would simply like to learn more about mosaic, please contact me by email at, or by phone at (334) 798 1639.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Framed with Steel

My mosaics are now generally framed with Steel. Steel is strong, and prevents warping of these long and narrow pieces. In addition, if a piece falls the steel frame will prevent it from being shattered. 
Eva's eyes fell from the top of a shelf about 7 foot high. Because of its steel frame, it was just slightly cracked and I could easily repair the damages. However, the table it fell on did not appreciate the impact...

Although in a previous life I have worked with quite a few amazing welders, I would not want to disgrace my mosaics by wrapping them in a frame of my welding.

If you want things well done, call a professional...

Eddy Farmer welds my mosaics frames. Eddy is a great welder, and a good man. Here we are standing on both sides of Sean's Eyes.

Sean's Eyes, before flipping.

Eddy and I  have known each other since I first came to America 24 years ago. We built various things together for 10 years until our ways split in 2001. We met again 7 years ago when he started to work for an other one of my friends.

We cannot achieve much without help from other people. It is very important to stay aware of this, and be thankful for those people who participate in our works.

Eva's Eyes is now available; Sean's Eyes will be available in May 2014. If you would like to know more about these pieces or are interested in a commission, please contact me by phone at (334) 798 1639 or by email at .

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Julie found a new home

Julie left Mosaicblues last Monday for her new home in Clayhatchee, Alabama

I created Julie in 2009. 
She is made of Granites, Ceramics and Marbles.
Her dimensions are 20.5" x 35” (47 x 87 cm).

The original Julie.

Please note that I am not authorized
to publicize her phone number.

Mosaics last forever. If you are interested by a commissioned portrait or another style of mosaic, or would simply like to discuss my art, please contact me by email at, or by phone at (334) 798 1639.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Please allow me to introduce Mariam's Eyes.

I must confess. I am a big fan of the Rolling Stones. I saw them on stage 3 times. How do the Grandfathers of Rock'n'Roll relate to Mosaics ? They don't, yet...

I was just trying to find a good title for this post and here came Sympathy for the Devil's "Please allow me to introduce myself..."

I'm a man of wealth and taste...

Funny how little things come up by association ! 

Comes to think of it, I should ask Mick Jagger to do my promotion for me ! 

Anyway, please allow me to introduce Mariam's Eyes twin Mosaics.

Mariam's Eyes are made after one previous work of mine : Green Eyes, who flew to Dubai last winter. 

Green eyes was the first one of my Mosaic Eyes portraits.  2 years later Mariam's Eyes are bigger, and differently centered. I am also using different materials. 

I am actually making 2 mosaics on the same design. One is the mirror image of the other. Twin sisters ! 

One of these mosaics is a commission for a dear French friend of mine.

Mariam's Eyes will be flying to France in June, and her sister will be available for purchase in July 2014. 

If you are interested my work, would like to acquire an existing piece or commission one, or would simply like to learn more about mosaic, please contact me by email at, or by phone at (334) 798 1639.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Fall Foliage

I made Fall Foliage for a friend of mine who asked me last Fall if I could do something to hide the wall behind her kitchen stove.

Becky's house is nice and spacious, it shelters beautiful ancient furniture and is built around a luminous octagonal living room decorated with beautiful art. Becky also has a passion for gardening. She loves to spend time out in her yard enjoying her plants and trees.

First we had to find the best design fitting her kitchen and tastes. Becky expressed her wish to have something inside the house reminding her of her garden outside. I proposed her different designs : 

Green Jungle

Golden leaf

Red Maple

To help her better visualize the final result I created images of what the mosaic would look in her kitchen.

Finally, I came up with an example of a richly coloured pattern of fall foliages, and we decided for that one. 

This was mid November 2013, and I could get in gear.

Because the wall receiving the mosaic is made of sheetrock and part of the piece would be behind the stove, we needed a very thin piece. This way the stove would stay flush with the kitchen countertop. 

I decided that I would use glass only, and build the mosaic directly on top of a fiberglass mesh. This mesh would then be directly glued on the wall once the piece complete. 

First came the black and white drawing of the piece at the actual dimensions on heavy white paper.

Black and White Sketch - December 5, 2013

I added some colours to make all contours more visible.

Contoured sketch, December 5, 2013.
Once this model laminated, I could actually start to actually build the mosaic. 

Right before Christmas, I laid a layer of Fiberglass mesh on top of the model and started to glue some red glass tiles onto it.

December 22, 2013

And I flew back to France to deliver an other commissioned mosaic...

Ubi to Gaius Mosaic (2013)

... and spend the holidays with family and friends.

Back in Alabama I resumed the work in January, adding several colours to the work, Beginning with the leaves.

Fall Foliage, January 12, 2013
 I used various shades stained glasses and mirrors.

Fall Foliage, January 13, 2013.

Some of these materials came from the USA, others from France and Italy.

On February 9, all leaves had been laid. 

Fall Foliage, February 9, 2014.

And I started to work on the branches and contours of the leaves.

Fall Foliage, February 15, 2014.

Finally, by the end of February, all glass tiles had been glued to the mesh and I was able to separate the mesh from the model.

Fall Foliage would finally get out of the workshop to see the sun !

Fall Foliage, March 2, 2014

You can judge by yourself how the nature of the light totally change the way a mosaic looks !

Fall Foliage, March 2, 2014.

It was now time to install the piece on site.

I first glued the piece to the wall and completed the tile work on both sides of the stove.

Fall Foliage, March 15, 2014.

We let the glue set for 2 weeks before the first application of a black unsanded grout.

Grouting - a dirty business...

Fall Foliage, March 30, 2014

When I use different colours grout on a same piece, I like to begin with the darker one. I apply each colour on a different day and waterproof each colour grout before I apply the next one. 

I grouted the white tiles on April 3rd, and completed the waterproofing on April 5. 

Fall Foliage, April 5, 2014.

Fall Foliage Mosaic - detail 1.

Fall Foliage Mosaic - detail 2.

Fall Foliage Mosaic - detail 3.


If you would like to discuss the commission of a mosaic please call (334) 798 1639 or email me at I also have finished pieces available at

Monday, April 7, 2014

Blue Windrose

Blue Windrose is one of my early mosaics (2006).

Blue Windrose, Complete

She weighs 13 lb (6 kg) and measures 12 x 12" x (33 x 33 cm). 

She is made of: 
  • Black Granite
  • Gold Granite
  • Crema Marble
  • Gold Marble
  • Blue Ceramic
  • Acqua (light blue) Glass.

I had 3 things in mind while working on Blue Windrose :

  • The Outside of the Rose - a Navigation Compass - is a reminder of my past sailing years as a teenager and young adult (back when I had hair...), of the wonderful and at times scary experiences I had doing this and of great people I met sailing. Also, a Compass helps you find your way !
  • Now, in the middle of the Rose you have the smiling Sun. This sun is warm, and he is smiling, it symbolizes goodness and optimism and tells us that it is much easier to go through life smiling to people than trying to impose your will on them...

So this particular Blue Windrose Mosaic is here to guide us in the right direction : it reminds us that if we want to make life easier around us we just need to smile to people...

  • And then of course the Fleur de Lys at the top of the Compass is the emblem of the King of France Because poor Louis XVI suffered an unfortunate demise does not mean we can't like the emblem...

Because I used materials of very various thickness I made Blue Windrose according to my favorite reverse method.

In 2006 I did not have a workshop yet and I was working on my deck ! 

Blue Windrose model

The tesserae (Small pieces of materials) are placed upside down and glued on the drawing with a water soluble glue. 

Blue Windrose, complete, Back face.

What you see here is the back of the mosaic, that face will later be covered with thinset mortar and glued to its support. 

Blue Windrose, Back face.

At this stage of completion you are seeing the back of the mosaic, which may be just as beautiful as its front - which you actually cannot see.  In fact, in order to see the front, you have to hide the back for ever... And you sometimes wonder : "Should I or should I not smear that shining face with mortar ?"