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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kids II

So this is  a commission work for Mother's Day.  I completed the layout of tesserae this afternoon and pre-grouted the back of the piece.

It has been an interesting project as there was no original picture of the kids together so I had to combine 2 different pictures (no, I did not "Photoshop" them, because Photoshop is too complicated for me, I generally now use Gimp which is quite user friendly, and free )...

In a later post I will provide additional pictures of the whole process; for now I cannot publish the pictures as we do not want the Kid's Mom might to find out, for it is a surprise !

The piece is 24" x 24" (about 60 x 60 cm). It does not include any stone, ceramic or porcelain and is totally made of Glasses or Mirrors.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mada's Wave

Mada's Wave is a creation of Mathilde Lecut. She reproduced one of her Black and White drawings of waves and flowers.

Mada's Wave is using Golden Travertine. In a rather unusual way, the grout here is used as a major component of the piece. It is not only used to fill up the interstices between tesserae, but as major part of the  piece. 

Work in Process...

Pebble Tree

For Pebble Tree I played with materials cruder than the polished glass, smalti or ceramics tesserae most mosaicists use. River pebbles, wood looking ceramics and roughly cut  or tumbled stones. 
The result is remarkable. The light caught by the pebbles beautifully mimics the foliage of a tree under the caress of the wind.

Pebble tree's is 24 x 36” (66 x 99 cm), and mounted in a steel frame.