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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Italian Bathroom

I am close to completing my Japanese house. It will be used mostly as a dojo to study and practice martial arts and zen. To the main practice hall, I added a small kitchen and bathroom. The Kitchen is in a Mexican style, and the Bathroom in the Italian one. 

This is the entrance to the shower. The walls to the bathroom itself are venetian plaster. The shower is a mosaic of travertine, granite and glass. 

I wanted to give the idea of water running on the walls. In order to show that, I have used some wide travertine tiles lid in a diamond pattern, interrupted by lines of small stones giving that running impression. The contrast between the wide flat travertine tiles and the small mosaic stones is very interesting.

The top and bottom of the shower are exclusively mosaic (no big tiles) laid to show meanders in the water running toward the drain. 

The whole enterprise was very time consuming, but it was well worth my time and effort!