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Sunday, August 28, 2011


There is no need to introduce Marilyn...

I began laying the tesserae on July 23rd, I used a total of 6 different colors : Black, White, and 4 different shades of brown.

On August 28, I completed the pose of the last tesserae. I still have to remove Marilyn from her support and transfer her onto some rigid material before I can frame her. 

I am using for Marilyn the same direct pose technique and the same type of materials I have used for the Nikki Mosaic : Recycled glasses.

Keep in touch, I will post more pictures of the mounting and framing of Marilyn...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The NIKKI Mosaic

"Nikki" is the first mosaic I created using the Direct method. (All the ones before were done using the Indirect  Method)

With the Direct method, you actually see your work while you are making it. (in the Indirect Method, you build your mosaic upside down - you only see the final result once you flip it !   

This was an unusual situation for me !  I was able to work this way because I used tesserae (tiles) of the same thickness. "Nikki" is entirely made of recycled and irridized glass tiles. 
Because of this, this piece is a much lighter piece than anything I produced before -  a good idea for portraits...
Dimensions : 14 x 24” ( 34 x 60 cm).

Many thanks to the real Nikki who had the kindness to be my model for this experimental creation.