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Friday, May 7, 2010

Rising Sun

In early Japanese history, the Rising Sun, or Hinomaru motif was used on flags of daimyos and samurai 

Rising Sun is my last Mosaic Creation.

This Mosaic designed in an Art Deco Style, is almost entirely made out of mirror pieces. I only used black granite and ceramic for the outside borders.

Mirrors are a little different than regular stone or ceramic tesserae. Although the process of laying the tesserae is the same ( I always use the the inverted method, and lay my pieces upside down), the following operations - gluing, grouting, are made more complicated because of the material used to make the mirror. To make a long story short, mirrors do not adhere to thinset as well as stone... So you have to use your imagination - and experience - to make sure it is going to stick well ! 

Rising Sun has taken a long time to complete, as I am actually also working on 2 beautiful walk-in showers, one made of ceramic, glass and marble, the other one, in a similar style, made of Travertine, Dark brown Marble, Granite and Colored Glasses. 

I should soon be able to post pictures and comments about these 2 beautiful pieces