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Friday, March 31, 2017

Stunning Giant Mosaics unearthed in Uzes, France.

In Southern France Gard, the archaeologists of INRAP bring out the mysterious antic town of Uzès.


Since October 2016 over 4,000 square meters have been methodically dug in the highs of the city of Uzes.

The excavations in front of the old Gendarmerie barracks

Nothing was known of the antic Uzès except its name of Ucetia, and that it was the starting point of the aqueduct leading the water from the fountain of Eure to Nimes, through the Pont du Gard. 

Initially the archaeologists didn't think it was a major discovery. But the great quality of the vestiges they found testify of the importance of this Roman settlement.

Two magnificent mosaics

In front of the barracks of the Gendarmerie, where once was the vegetable garden of the gendarmes, a row of rooms was cleared, one of which, 60 square meters, has its floor covered with two magnificent mosaics, older than the ones discovered in Nimes. 

In the center of a succession of geometric borders a sun like image is surrounded by 5 crowns, themselves framed by four animals: an eagle, a fawn, an owl and... a duck.

The Eagle

The fawn. Note the gorgeous Svastiska border.

Minerva's owl ?

A radiant pattern adorns the medallion of the second mosaic, ornated of a red bordered cartouche at first sight empty. In reality, a name is written in white tesserae on a white background. Who is this Loukios Koinilos? A Lucius Cornilius? Was he the owner of the place, the mosaicist himself, or a patron who'd helped finance the building? 

It is not know yet if the building was a domus - a private villa owned by an important man of the city, or rather a public edifice as the dimensions of the hall and traces of colonnade suggest.
What was the symbolism of the mosaics ? Some animals might be attached to deities. The eagle to Jupiter, the doe to Diane, the owl to Minerva. But a Duck...

The Duck ???

Excavations will continue until August. Hopefully more beauties will be unveiled. 

One of the radiant wheels.

Don't you love this border ?

A simple piece embedded in the pavement of a different home

Frederic Lecut is a French mosaicist.
In 1992 he made Alabama his home.
His Art is about inspiring People.

You can contact him either 
by phone at (334) 798 1639 or email at 
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Yezidi Mosaic Project, Spring 2017

Once again, the Yezidi are fleeing their homeland to escape fights that broke out between two rivals Kurdish factions. It saddens me how because of other people's differences, the Yezidi who have been the victims of many genocides, are not allowed to live in peace even after the ISIS barbarians have been chased away from their land.

I created this short video to promote my Yezidi mosaic project. 

The background music is a live version of "Gimme Shelter" a 1969 song about the Vietnam war, by the Rolling Stones. I have always loved this dramatic and powerful song. It owes so much to Merry Clayton singing "Rape, Murder, it's just a shot away" at the top of her lungs.

This song, unfortunately, perfectly illustrates the horrible reality Yezidi children and adults are confronted to...

I hope the Yezidi eyes mosaic portraits sell this year. I will donate 50 % of the proceeds to Free Yezidi Foundation. For this to happen we need help to organize a sale or auction.

We set up a website specially for this project.

If you would like to help or volunteer, please email us at 

If you are unable to help in person, you might be able to share this post or video on Facebook or other social networks.

Thank you

Frederic Lecut is a French mosaicist.

In 1992 he made Alabama his home.

His Art is about inspiring People.

You can contact him either 

by phone at (334) 798 1639 or email at 

You can also subscribe to his


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mosaique Fiesta 2017

Et voila, plus que 4 semaines et nous organiserons notre premiere edition de Mosaic Fiesta en la belle ville de Decatur (a cote d'Atlanta), en Georgie.

J'ai recu les photos de nombreux participants et suis presentement en train de realiser les modeles qu'ils utiliseront pour batir une mosaique de leurs propres yeux en utilisant ma technique Opus Pixellatum.

Ma derniere creation Pixellatum: Timeo Danaos et dona ferrentes

Je suis tres fier de partager publiquement cette nouvelle technique. C'est une chose a laquelle je tiens beaucoup. Je pense que lorsque vous creez une technique nouvelle, vous devriez la partager, au moins partiellement, avec le reste de votre communaute, afin que les gens puissent l'essayer, en detecter de possibles faiblesses et eventuellement l'ameliorer pour le bien etre commun. Je sais que d'autres personnes ne sont pas d'accord la dessus, mais c'est ainsi que je pense. 

Une petite video...

Joe Moorman, de Mosaic Art Supply sera notre hote pour cet evenement, et nous allons nous efforcer de faire en sorte que tout se passe dans une ambiance agreable et amusante. 

Pour en savoir plus  :
Email Joe a : 
Appelez  Frederic a : (334) 798 1630

Frederic Lecut est un mosaiste francais.

Il est alle s'insteller en Alabama en 1992.
Il s'efforce d'inspirer les gens par son art

Vous pouvez le contacter soit

par telephone au (334) 798 1639 ou par email a

Vous pouvez egalement 
souscrire a sa lettre d'information


Our first Spring Mosaic Fiesta is coming up...

There, we are just 4 weeks away from our Mosaic Fiesta in Beautiful Decatur, GA.

I received pictures of most participants to the seminar and am presently making the models they will use to create a mosaic of their own eyes using my Opus Pixellatum technique.

My last Opus Pixellatum piece: Timeo Danaos et dona ferrentes

I am very excited at sharing this technique for the first time. This is very important to me. When you come up with a new technique you should - at least partially - share it for free with other people so they can experiment with it and possibly make it better. I know not everybody thinks this way, but I do. 

The event is hosted by Joe Moorman at Mosaic Art Supply and we will do everything for it to be a very pleasant and fun experience for all

Learn More  :
Email Joe at :
Call Frederic at : (334) 798 1630

Frederic Lecut is a French mosaicist.
In 1992 he made Alabama his home.
His Art is about inspiring People.

You can contact him either 
by phone at (334) 798 1639 or email at 

You can also subscribe to his