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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kids II

So this is  a commission work for Mother's Day.  I completed the layout of tesserae this afternoon and pre-grouted the back of the piece.

It has been an interesting project as there was no original picture of the kids together so I had to combine 2 different pictures (no, I did not "Photoshop" them, because Photoshop is too complicated for me, I generally now use Gimp which is quite user friendly, and free )...

In a later post I will provide additional pictures of the whole process; for now I cannot publish the pictures as we do not want the Kid's Mom might to find out, for it is a surprise !

The piece is 24" x 24" (about 60 x 60 cm). It does not include any stone, ceramic or porcelain and is totally made of Glasses or Mirrors.

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