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Monday, April 7, 2014

Blue Windrose

Blue Windrose is one of my early mosaics (2006).

Blue Windrose, Complete

She weighs 13 lb (6 kg) and measures 12 x 12" x (33 x 33 cm). 

She is made of: 
  • Black Granite
  • Gold Granite
  • Crema Marble
  • Gold Marble
  • Blue Ceramic
  • Acqua (light blue) Glass.

I had 3 things in mind while working on Blue Windrose :

  • The Outside of the Rose - a Navigation Compass - is a reminder of my past sailing years as a teenager and young adult (back when I had hair...), of the wonderful and at times scary experiences I had doing this and of great people I met sailing. Also, a Compass helps you find your way !
  • Now, in the middle of the Rose you have the smiling Sun. This sun is warm, and he is smiling, it symbolizes goodness and optimism and tells us that it is much easier to go through life smiling to people than trying to impose your will on them...

So this particular Blue Windrose Mosaic is here to guide us in the right direction : it reminds us that if we want to make life easier around us we just need to smile to people...

  • And then of course the Fleur de Lys at the top of the Compass is the emblem of the King of France Because poor Louis XVI suffered an unfortunate demise does not mean we can't like the emblem...

Because I used materials of very various thickness I made Blue Windrose according to my favorite reverse method.

In 2006 I did not have a workshop yet and I was working on my deck ! 

Blue Windrose model

The tesserae (Small pieces of materials) are placed upside down and glued on the drawing with a water soluble glue. 

Blue Windrose, complete, Back face.

What you see here is the back of the mosaic, that face will later be covered with thinset mortar and glued to its support. 

Blue Windrose, Back face.

At this stage of completion you are seeing the back of the mosaic, which may be just as beautiful as its front - which you actually cannot see.  In fact, in order to see the front, you have to hide the back for ever... And you sometimes wonder : "Should I or should I not smear that shining face with mortar ?"

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