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Friday, October 21, 2011

Koinonia Kaffe

Koinonia Kaffe Mosaic Sign.

Yesterday, October 20, I installed Medusa at Koinonia Kaffe in Headland

Medusa, a classic Roman style Mosaic. Oct 2011
For the past 3 years, off and on, a number of my mosaics have been displayed at Koinonia

Rhonda Harrison, Owner and Manager of Koinonia, always smiling, does a great job to bring art and harmony to our community. Live music is played there on a regular basis, and Numerous work of arts of different artists are displayed at Koinonia. Mosaicblues works have been displayed there since our first show in August 2008

Marylin and Green Eyes at Koinonia

Beside that, the coffee and Food are outstanding - I encourage you to visit them in Headland, on the square. In difficult economic times, few people try to promote Art and Culture, we should all stick together for the common good of our communities.

August 2008 - Saint George Mosaic  

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