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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Mosaics

I have been working mostly on 2 pieces in April - one is a commission , a portrait of 2 gorgeous children. Because it is also a surprise, you will understand I cannot display it until it has been actually offered to their Mom, on Mother's day  - May 12. 

You will have to wait until that date to be able to see the whole piece.

I can however, show you a piece of the little girls face... 

I do believe it is the best portrait I have produced so far.

The second April piece are the eyes of the Young Afghan Girl. You have seen her face on the cover of National Geographic years ago, she was in a refugee camp in Pakistan when the Russians had invaded Afghanistan, and a photograph took her picture in 1984, which became famous. There is a great intensity in this little girl's eyes.  Years later, the reporter went back and was able to find the grown woman.

Her name is Sharbat Gula, and she is Pashtun.  Her life has been difficult, but she had survived. She now has children of her own.

Here is the last picture of the piece before I flipped her on Sunday, April 29, And am now working  on cleaning it up before I can grout her. The cleaning is a very long and tedious process, as I have to remove any remnants of the glue used to set the tiles on the model. (I am using the reverse method - Indirect pose - on this piece)

The eyes of Shrabat Gula should be ready by mid May...

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