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Saturday, March 2, 2013


I am presently working on 5 pieces. 

TUAREG is almost complete, it is framed, and will soon be published.

You have seen Tesshu's calligraphies : Dragon and Tiger.

Another Pair of Eyes is on the bench, as is a portrait of 2 kids - a Mother's day commission - which I won't be able to show until after Mother's Day ! 

FIREGRASS is a small piece - about 12 x 30" I am using the reversed method to allow for the various thickness of glasses, mirrors and marbles.

Firegrass - February 28, 2013

Working on several pieces at the same time is a good idea if you have space for this. It allows to let the glue settle on one piece while you work on another one. This is specially valuable in winter when the glue does not dry up as fast as in the Summer. It allows better progress.

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