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Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Projects, June 2014

So these were my new babies at the end of June 2014, before I flew to France to install Mariam

One new Boddhisatva

This one had been on the backburner for about 18 month. As I completed Miriam, I decided he needed attention again! I have realized 2 of these pieces several years ago, they are now displayed in a home in Atlanta, and I am interested in seeing how my  technique will render this time ! 

2 Michi or Do projects, one reverse method - stone, one direct method on mesh, glass. I have not even laid the first tessera of any of these 2, but they should come up faster than the others, as they are of smaller size.

Michi or Do is a Chinese symbol for the Way, or Tao. It is the "do" in Judo, Kendo, Aikido... Judo is the way of flexibility, Kendo the way of the sword, Aikido the way of Gentle Energy...

And Red Scarf has been waiting a long time to get started, for I did not have the reds I needed. I brought them back from France last Summer, and will bring some more this year (with yellows, blues, greens etc...), so I could get to work

Red Scarf on the bench...

Model for Red Scarf mosaic.

Turns out, now that I am back from France with a few orders, things might happen a little differently, I may have to let these down a little to progress on my new projects. I will soon tell you more about them.
If you are interested in purchasing one of my existing mosaics, would like to discuss a special project or simply discuss the wonderful art of mosaics, please contact me by email at or by phone at (334) 798 1639.

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  1. Great works of art Frederic - and it's very interesting to see works of art in progress.