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Monday, July 11, 2016

Thanks Tools ! / Merci les Outils !

This is a bilingual Blog Post, Please let me know how you feel about it. Is it pleasant to read or would you rather have 2 separate posts in English and French ?

Ceci est un article bilingue, merci de me dire ce que vous pensez du format. Est-ce agreable a lire ou prefereriez vous deux articles differents, l'un en Francais, l'autre en Anglais ? 

Art is the meeting point of 3 components: the Artist, the Tool and the Support.

L'Art est au point de rencontre de 3 elements: l'Artiste, l'Outil et un Support.

The Artist uses a Tool to shape a Support.

L'Artiste utilise l'Outil pour transformer le Support.

Sometimes there are several tools, artists or supports. It works the same way.

Parfois il y a plusieurs outils, artistes et supports, ça fonctionne de la meme façon.

Without a Tool and Support there is no Art, there is no Artist.

Sans Outil ou Support, il n'y a ni Art ni Artiste !

So we should be thankful for them, and for the people who made them !

Et donc ce serait une bonne idee de leur etre reconnaissant de nous permettre d'exercer notre passion.

Be mindful and thankful of your Tools and of those people who made them and brought them to you ! 

Soyons conscients et reconnaissants pour nos outils, et pour ceux qui les ont fabriques et amenes jusqu'a nous ! 

Detail of Yezidi 37 / Detail de Yezidi 37

Yezidi 37 is the 8th pair of eyes of Yezidi people.
Yezidi 37 : 8eme paire d'yeux du peuple Yezidi.

You can see the whole set of my "Yezidi Eyes" here.

Voyez toute ma collection "Les Yeux des Yezidis" ici.


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  1. Tres bien and also very good, as always :) I think it works with the two languages side by side, you don't need to do seperate posts.

  2. I like the bilingual post...feels like Canada!There's nothing like a well made tool, such as a pocket knife made by Case Company. I particularly like their middle sized "Stockmans" knife. The small blade are great for carving , they take a razor edged sharpness and , if not abused, the knife lasts until you have literally sharpened the blades to nothing 20 years later. Also - thank you for keeping those Bonzes well fed during the 2016 Precepts Retreat and Conference!