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Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017 Spring Mosaic Art Fiesta

The First Mosaic Fiesta was held last March 24, 25 and 26 in Decatur, GA.

The event co-hosted by Joe Moorman and Frederic Lecut, from Mosaic Art Supply and MosaicBlues was attended by confirmed mosaicists from all over the USA.

We all met Friday night in a local restaurant.

Mosaic Art Fiesta 2017 students at meet and greet dinner in Decatur

And got started Saturday at 10:00 AM.

Mosaic Art Fiesta 2017 students arrive at Mosaic Art Supply

The goal of the event was to introduce my Opus Pixellatum technique to a group of confirmed mosaicists.

Each participant had send me a picture of their eyes or face 2 weeks ahead of the event and I had prepared a model of their eyes. They would realize an actual mosaic of those eyes during the week end.

Eyes for mosaic art portrait

I had also brought with me all supplies and tools necessary for the work : Grout, Glues, Tweezers, Mounted Backing boards...

Mosaic Art Fiesta 2017 Materials and Tools at Studio

The tiles were available from Mosaic Art Supply.

Mosaic Art Fiesta 2017 gorgeous glass tiles at the warehouse

I had previously organized many workshops, community projects and classes so people would discover mosaics. It is a much different feeling to be working with people who have for some of them many years of experience in the trade. They are interested in the matters, and their questions are always pertinent !

Everyone had an idea about the principle of Opus Pixellatum. My goal was to get them to practice, and get a first taste of the many wonderful variations allowed by this dramatic technique. 

Everyone got to work

Mosaic Art Fiesta 2017 Students lay Tesserae
Daniel Baxley and Sandra Atherton at the beginning.

By laying every other tile... Which allows for a much easier, more accurate laying. 

Mosaic Art Fiesta 2017 alternative tesserae tiles laying
Amy Galbavy has laid about 25 % of her tiles.

And later allows the mosaicist to unleash her creativity in many directions...

Once laid half the tiles in grayscale, you realize you already can see the portrait you have been building. So you now can fill up the remaining holes with any color you'd like to use. No matter what you do, the original pattern is already there. 

As we were building eyes portraits, I suggested to use irridescent tiles to highlight the irises of the eyes...


Mosaic Art Fiesta 2017 Student Eyes Self Portrait
A happy Daniel Baxley and his mosaic ready to mount

By the middle of the afternoon, we were ready to glue our mosaics on their supports.

Student applies grout Mosaic Eye Portrait
Daniel Adams, cleaning up the glue.

Everyone went back to their hotels around 6:30 pm, having spent about 7 hours on their mosaics. 

Mosaic Art FIesta 2017 Complete Eyes Mosaic Portrait

Sunday morning, we grouted our pieces.

While the grout was setting I explained how to create an Opus Pixellatum model from a picture. I answered many questions, and finally proposed to build models for those of them who would like me to do so. The offer was appreciated.


I am a French mosaic artist  established in Alabama.
In 2015 I created a new mosaic technique. I named  it Opus Pixellatum. When I realized this technique allowed for much more than I was expecting I decided to share it with confirmed mosaicists.

If you'd like to learn more about Opus Pixellatum, or  would like me to create a model of a custom mosaic pattern from one of your picture, please contact me by email at 
or by phone at (334) 798 1639 

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  1. Wish I could be there. This is so cool.