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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Mosaic Art - Portrait of a German Shepherd.

Here is an other example of a gorgeous opus pixellatum mosaic pet portrait.

Amy Galbavy is the owner of Sassy Glass on line. We met last April in Atlanta where I was teaching a class on Opus Pixellatum Mosaic Portraits.

Amy and her eyes mosaic portrait.

After the class, Amy asked me to realize for her models for 3 mosaics, One of her beautiful daughter and two of her late German Shepherds who had passed not long before that.

She sent me pictures of them and I got in my design mode.

Jet was her male Shepherd.

first stage of model creation is a good resolution color picture
Jet, Male German Shepherd

From this picture I created 3 different grayscale models and eailed them to Amy so she would chose the one she best liked.

3 modes of pixellizations

Amy went for the top model. The mosaic was to be 16 x 16", realized with 8mm tiles (5/16"). 

I created the actual model and e-mailed it to Amy. 

Ths one of the 8 pages composing the full model.
First page of the model

Because she had decided to print it herself I had formatted the model to be printed on 8 standard letter size sheets (8.5 x 11").

the eight pages are assembled to produce the full 16x16" model
The 8 pages model.

Although the model was realized in Grayscale, Amy used a Sepia scale of colors to realize her mosaic. 

The artist switched from grayscale to Sepia tones.
The mosaic completed by Amy.

One of the beauties of this technique is that it allows for many variations from a same model. (See my article about Daniel Adams)

I will create for you a model of a mosaic of your pet as I did for Amy. This printed model comes with a list and quantities of the tiles needed and instructions to carry out the work. 

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