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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Leroux Blason

This is a commission for my friends Grant and Claire Leroux. Grant's Grandfather was born in the area of Boulogne in Northen France. Leroux is a famous name in that Area.  It  is usually used for someone who's ancestor had red hair, or wsa using a red panache as a crest on his helmet.

Grant and Claire asked me to reproduce their coat of arm. This piece is about 3 feet tall,  its back ground made of Beige travertine, the details are of red terra cota, black and grey granites and ocre marble.

The Mosaic was installed behind their sink in their beautiful kitchen, the warm overhead light reflected on the black granite slab used as countertop make the texture and color of the stone appear much richer and more enjoyable than they do under the daylight of the first picture. 

It is very important to visualize a mosaic in its final location. Inside lighting with incandescent or halogen bulbs usually brings more warmth to the work.

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