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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli

Want to see some amazing Mosaics ?

Plan a trip to Italy. I went there in June 2008 with two friends.  We visited Ravena and Spilimbergo, a small medieval town 2 hours north of Venice, notably known as “the Town of Mosaic”, home to the famous Mosaic School, officially founded in 1922.

The school has inherited the great mosaic tradition of Rome, Byzantium, Venice and Aquileia. Nowadays Spilimbergo is the world  capital of ornamental mosaic.

Works of her students of several workshops in town have enriched airports, universities, royal palaces, public, private and religious buildings, stadiums, all over the world.

The Back entrance to the School : 2 beautiful panels flank the school side entrance door. Doves, grapevine twigs and leaves on a golden background. A definite influence from the Byzantine times.

And then you push the door open ...

 The Entrance Hallway...

These floors are amazing. The mosaics are laid according to the Direct Method, then sanded to a very smooth and shiny polish. The artistic quality as well as the finish are just extraordinary, and way above the most beautiful Roman or Greek realizations of the beginning of the Christian Era.

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