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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marylin Mosaic

Every one knows Marylin...

After Nikki, Marylin is my second experiment with the direct method of laying the tesserae. This the Wysiwyg of Mosaics...

Marylin is exclusively made of recycled glass materials, no more than 3/16" in thickness. This material is more brittle than regular glass, and does not cut as well.. It provides however a very beautiful and more modern look.  

Because of the thinness of the material, This mosaic is much lighter than the usual stone ones. 

The original picture. 

For portraits, I exclusively work in Black and White or Sepia tones, and enhance the image by using a colored background around it. In this case, the background is black as it was originally in the picture. In the Nikki Mosaic, I used blues, greys ans greens to suggest the ocean.

I am available for commissions. Send me a picture of yourself, of a loved one, of your pet, and I'll produce a beautiful mosaic portrait for you.

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