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Monday, February 23, 2015


Last January. I had the great honour and pleasure to be interviewed by Robert Lisac, a talented Mosaic Artist and Teacher from Slovenia.

I will tell you later about his work ( Actually, I will let him tell you about it...). 

Robert and I have not met yet, as a few thousand miles of ocean separate us, but I hope to be able to meet him in person not too long down the road so the two of us can share our passion for mosaic around a bottle of French or Slovene Wine !

Flying Kiss by Robert Lisac

Beside his actual art creation, Robert writes a very interesting mosaic blog and is also very active in the Twitter Community...

But for now I will let you enjoy my Interview by Robert Lisac.
Frederic Lecut in his Studio
I am a modern mosaic artist inspired by the Arts of Classical Rome and French and Italian Renaissance. 

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