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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mosaic Project - TROY University

On Sunday October 10, from 2 to 5 p.m., I will lead the first FREE workshop  of our next Wiregrass Mosaics Project at the Troy University in Dothan. A second workshop will follow on Thursday October 15, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our goal with this project  is to demonstrate the technical feasibility of community mosaic projects  by quilting together small individual mosaics.

In community mosaic projects, often, one big mosaic is realized by a team of individuals working together on a big mosaic.

A group snail mosaic

In our case, individuals will realize their own mosaic, which will later be quilted together to realize a much bigger piece. 

An individual snail mosaic

Once we have demonstrated our technical and organizational ability, we will be in a position to launch bigger projects involving much more people in the Wiregrass Area.

In this first stage, our goal is to cover with mosaics concrete furniture installed behind the Malone Hall. 

They include :

4 round tables & 12 round benches

1 rectangular table & 2 rectangular benches

Only the tops of the tables and benches will be covered with mosaics, the rest of the furniture will be painted.

On October 10 and 15, we will hold 5 workshops of 10 to 15 people each, to realize the individual mosaics. The participants will work from printed designs.

Later in October we will set the mosaics on the furniture.

I have organized similar projects over the past 2 years with the Wiregrass Museum of Art and the Headland Chamber of commerce.

In May 2015 at the Headland Spring Festival, 20 small (6 x 6”) mosaics were realized by  children between the age of 7 and 12, some of them with the help of their parents.  We only used black and white ceramic tiles.

At Troy participants will mostly be adults: students of the University, and volunteers from the outside.  We will use the same type of ceramic tiles we used in Headland, only  in 10 different colours.

As I explained in an earlier post, I believe Art is the best way to develop creativity in people, because they can immediately see the result of their own creativity; and our world will need creators.

What is also very important is to help people realize what they can do as a group. Here, every individual makes a little mosaic, that little mosaic may not look very fancy by itself...

… But when you put side by side in an harmonious way all these little pieces, you get an amazing result.


This is why I like the concept of individual mosaics rather than having a group working on one big piece. In a group, the less assertive individuals might not be able to express themselves.

These workshops are open to students and teachers of Troy University AND  to the general public.

We would love to have you come join us, participate, and learn how to do these mosaics.

I will need much more participants for our 2016 projects, and am hoping to train people needed to lead small mosaic teams.

You need however, to REGISTER to participate so we can properly plan the workshops.


To Register and/or for more information, please contact :

  • Donna Miller by email at or by phone at (334) 983 6556 ext 1321, or

 See you in October !

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