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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Wiregrass Mosaic Project - Troy University - Part II

During our 2 October sessions we produced enough tiles to cover our  rectangular table and benches. 

During our next November 12 session we will try to produce enough pieces to cover the round tables. 

We should get help from Students from 2 Dothan High Schools to realize this stage of the project.

Because there will be much more small pieces to produce for these round tables, I decided to simplify the original designs to let people be more creative. 

Some pattern will simply be empty shape, the only important thing being to not build anything outside of the limits of the pattern...

Good ! 

The accuracy or the individual beauty of the piece itself is not extremely important. What is very important is to NOT glue any material outside of the limits of the individual pattern, which would oblige me to cut out the excessive material when I glue the pieces onto the table itself. 

Not so Good !

Early in 2016 we will build the pieces we need to cover the circular benches. Our plan is to have completed the project in the Spring

This is a first project, I would like to extend it more widely in the future and reach out to many participants of our Wiregrass community. 

The Principle we are following here is that each participants create one individual part of the project. each person contributes a stone to the Church, and it is the quilting together of all these individual pieces that brings a beautiful and harmonious result.

We will need help from many people with various areas of expertise. If you would like learn more about this Project, and perhaps contribute to it, please contact :

  • Donna Miller by email at or by phone at (334) 983 6556 ext 1321, or


I am a modern mosaic artist with a deep admiration for ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine Arts. You can see my own mosaics on my site at mosaicblues.

If you are interested by my work or would like to drop me a line please contact me by email at or by phone at (334) 798 1639. 

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