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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Yezidis Mosaics, April 2016

I completed last week the laying of the tesserae of the last mosaic of this set. Yezidi 36 is a portrait of a young female soldier. 

Yezidi 36

A very intense pair of eyes of a brave woman fighting for the right of her people to live peacefully on the land of their ancestors, practicing the religion of their choice. 

Here is the model : 

Please remember that because I work reverse method, I am building a mirror image of the model. Sometimes this week, I will glue a framed support on top of the mosaic, and will later flip it so we can finally see the mosaic looking very much like the model. 

Yezidi 36 will be spectacular, I have learned a lot building this collection, this new Opus Pixellatum technique I am now implementing really allows for stunning effects... I will have a hard time letting such beauty go, but I am not doing it for me, but to help the Free Yezidi Foundation which works tirelessly to advocate for greater attention and assistance in favour of the Yezidi refugees.

Yezidi 13 and 20 are at the welding shop where my friend Eddie is building their metallic frames. 

Yezidi 13

They should be completed within 2 weeks. 

Yezidi 20

If all goes well, the whole set of 7 mosaics should be complete by mid May 2016, and we will then start thinking of the best way to organize a sale or auction. 

I will donate 50 % of the profit of the sales to the Free Yezidi Foundation. 

I am a modern mosaic artist with a deep admiration for ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine Arts. You can see some of my own mosaics on my site mosaicblues.


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