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Monday, November 21, 2016

Carole's Eyes unveiled

Carole's Eyes is an experimental piece. I used both Opus Tessellatum and Opus Pixellatum techniques to compose it for I wanted to create a dramatic effect by contrasting the different arrangement and textures of the 2 techniques.

Opus tessellatum was the most commonly used technique in the production of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine mosaics. It involves the use of tesserae (small cubes of stone, glass, ceramic, or other hard material) of uniform size to form pictures and designs. The tesserae are applied following a pattern actually DRAWN on the support.

A Roman Duck realized in Opus Tesselatum

I invented Opus Pixellatum in 2015 to create my series of Yezidi Eyes mosaics. In Opus Pixellatum, the tesserae are laid as the pixels of a digital photography or the color blots of an impressionist painting. The model I use is not a drawing but a grid  guiding me to lay of the tesserae. in Opus pixellatum, you do not see what you are doing until you have covered half the area of your mosaic.

One eye of my Opus Pixellatum Yezidi 37 mosaic

With Carole's eyes I used Pixellatum for the eyes themselves and Tessellatum for the weeping willows branches in front of them. I was as usual laying my mosaic upside down (reverse method) and it was not until I flipped it that I could realize, with relief and great satisfaction, that the result exceeded my expectations. 

Carole's Eyes - just flipped.

Flipping a mosaic is always a magic moment, enjoy this dramatic video of my flipping this handcrafted piece ! 

Carole's eyes is entirely made of glass (recycled and gold smalti) and measures 17 x 47"  (42 x 118 cm). It will come like all my mosaics with the whole hanging hardware making its installation very easy and will be available for sale 2nd week in December.

I am a French mosaic artist based in Alabama. 
My Art is about Inspiring People.
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  1. This picture of "Carole's Eyes" does not do it justice. The emailed picture was breathtaking. It is a magnificent piece. Congratulations to you Frederic.