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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mosaic Fiesta 2017


A unique creative experience !

I developed my Opus Pixellatum technique in 2015 for my Yezidi Eyes series of mosaics. As I refined it this year I came to realize the huge potential of this technique to create mesmerizing and fascinating pieces.

Many of you having enquired about this I am thinking about organizing next February in Atlanta MOSAIC FIESTA : a fun and exclusive event to share with you my experience with this new innovative technique !

The principle of Opus Pixellatum is simple : From a digital picture I create a model grid. Each cell of this grid contains a number, corresponding to one color of mosaic tiles. You glue this tile on the grid. Once all the cells of the grid are covered, your mosaic is ready to grout. It is complete.

Yezidi 37 - from picture to complete mosaic

This sounds very much like “mosaic by number”. It's not ! Opus Pixellatum allows many many beautiful and dramatic variations and I’ll teach, explain and demonstrate them to you during the event.

Practically, we'll take a picture of you (Or you 'll bring one you like) and I'll create a model from it. Saturday morning you will build your mosaic on the model. Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning we will glue it and grout it on its support and you will bring it home with you !

We will use recycled glass tiles only, and there will be no cutting involved.

The event, hosted in a beautiful hotel downtown Atlanta would be all inclusive. Rooms, Food, Instructions, Models, all Mosaic Supplies and Tools will be provided and the cost would be approximately of $1,250 for the 3 days.

My good friend Shelley and I are still at the organizing stage and would really appreciate your input or questions on this project.

Please Please let us know your thoughts by email at or by phone at (334) 798 1639 
Thank you for your help ! 
Yours in Mosaics ...
Mosaic Fiesta 2017 - A mosaic event by Frederic Lecut, International mosaic artist and Renaissance Man.

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