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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pan !

A few times a year I work on commission for collectors. In a custom mosaic, the collector has the original inspiration and is often involved in the design. We work together. It is a very pleasant experience, I thoroughly enjoy the discussion and sharing involved. We get to better know each other, beyond the mosaic itself, we build a relationship.

I have known Liz and Marty for several years. Marty always surprises her with fancy presents. For this Christmas, Liz wanted something really cool, special and original for him. And so last October she asked me if I would - secretly - make a custom mosaic for him !  

Pan and Syrinx (1617-19) - by Pierre Paul Rubens

She had her mind set on the Roman God Pan, whose wild and creative personality Marty had always enjoyed.

Liz was looking for a mosaic in the Classical Roman style.

Pan and Amadryad - Pompeii

We went through a few possible designs. I was inspired by the delicate but powerful hues of this gorgeous Roman piece.

And Liz and I finally decided I would work from a modern rendering of a medieval interpretation of the horny God.

This part of the commission work - the communication between artist and collector - is an very important and pleasant part of the process. It is primordial to get a good fit. I try to understand the collector's personality, her motivation and taste to propose her something that really meets her needs and/or her lifestyle. 

Once we'd agreed on the principle of the design, I actually went to work.

First I had to create a model. I decided for a wide traditional border. Borders act like the frame of a painting, they focus the eyes of the observer toward the main subject - the Emblemata - at he center of the mosaic. Roman Musivarii used this kind of adornment on all their pieces. 

Pan being - among other things - a god of forests and trees, I chose to use a Laurel Leaves border. 

As for the background I drew my inspiration from the arabesques of Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life mosaic. 

And so I laid the model on the bench and went to work on October 14 !

October 14, the begining !

I kept Liz posted of the progress with pictures, videos, details about the piece, so she'd get an idea of what was happening...

November 2nd

And she had a peak at the creative process

Detail of the border

On November 9, I had laid all the Tesserae.

I pre-grouted the piece...

And on November 15, Liz came to Mosaicblues studio in Headland to flip her mosaic !

Now the flipping of a reverse method mosaic is a very moving time, because you actualy see your mosaic for the first time, and so people love this, it is, like the first time a beautiful woman undresses, a unique and dramatic moment.

After the flipping I had to clean up the glue, apply the grout, waterproof it and frame the piece.

Pan, November 24, 2016

And on Christmas Day, Marty discovered his Buddy Pan !
Pan & Marty, Dec 25, 2016
Custom mosaics are often presented for Mother's Days, Birthdays or Anniversaries. They make dramatic and outstanding presents.

It takes usually 2 to 3 months between the time a collector contacts me and the completion of a mosaic; and I can only create a few of these pieces every year. 

So if you’re interested to offer a custom mosaic, please contact me way ahead of  the date you might want it either by phone at (334) 798 1639 or 

Frederic Lecut is a French mosaicist.
In 1992 he made Alabama his home.
His Art is about inspiring People.
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