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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mosaic Chicks - Back-up Sound Artists.

Today I'd like to introduce my Mosaic Chicks...

You may not have heard about them, but you very likely heard them, they are my back-up sound assistants. They live behind my Alabama Studio... 

DrumRoll introduction to the MosaicBlues Chicks Video

Here come the amazing ...


You heard them in the background of many videos, they live in 3 pens behind the studio, further back a wide open field planted with mulberry trees extends to a small creek.

Every day, I open one of the pens so the mighty chicks can go forage for bugs and seeds, they do a pretty good job at cleaning up everything.

I was raised in a French village close to the coast. There were cows in the pasture across the road, and vegetable gardens behind ! We all raised chickens and rabbits for the eggs and meat. I can't bring myself to kill an animal anymore, but I sure enjoy the eggs !

As for my Mosaic Work, I plan to grout 3 opus Pixellatum pieces this coming week end (2 Carolas and a Cheetah Cub), and am presently working on my Carola Quinta, an experiment in Mosaic Transparency... I'll tell you later about that ! 

first layer of tiles of an experimental mosaic portrait of a beautiful woman's eyes. Trying to convey transparency with mosaic.
Carola Quinta, first layer laid.

I am a French mosaicist.
In 1992 I made Alabama his home.
  My Art is about inspiring People.

You can contact me either 
by phone at (334) 798 1639 or by email at 
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  1. Ils et elles sont de toute beauté. Quels intéressants modèles .....!!!!! J'espère que ce coq ne chante pas trop tôt le matin. Merci pour ce coloré vidéo. Marthe Morisset