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Sunday, October 22, 2017

A mosaic portrait of two happy children

In May 2013, I created a mosaic portrait of Ella and Lane, the children of my good friends Natalie and Aaron from Auburn, Alabama.

mosaic portrtait of two young children, 18 x 18", glass, May 2013,
Mosaic Portrait of Ella and Lane

in 2014, Natalie sent me a picture of the kids under their portrait ! 

Both  CHildren are showing the original pictures used to create the model.
The kids under their mosaic portrait

The first thing you see when you come into the house is the gorgeous smile of the kids on the mosaic on the wall facing the entrance door !

Last week end, as I was bringing them a small mosaic derived from my Miura Project, Aaron invited me to share their meal (Great Hamburgers and grilled chicken) and he took this picture of the kids and me under the mosaic ! 

Fred the mosaicist and Ella and Lane standing under their mosaic portrait
Fred, Ella, Lane, under their mosaic portrait.

Knowing that people I appreciate enjoy my art daily is very rewarding to me. I feel I am contributing something positive to their family. Art should be present in everybody's daily life. We mostly remember ancient civilizations and cultures for the creations of their artists and architects.

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In one of my next posts, I'll tell you of the other portrait I created for Natalie and Aaron. 

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  1. I just love reading about your art!

    1. Thank you, I enjoy sharing, but it is always nice to hear that you enjoy reading it !