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Sunday, February 23, 2014

One Euro a Month !

Mused Mosaics is an AMAZING Blog by Miriam, a student at the Mosaic School of Spilimbergo. (I like this school and have blogged earlier about it !). 

It is extremely well done. Miriam provides great technical information, pictures, tutorials, videos, reports on exhibitions and shows. All of this is very informative and worth your time.

And all of this also costs money. Miriam needs support to cover these costs over the year. These are, for example, web-hosting costs, purchase of softwares,  fuel costs for a ride to the next exhibition, etc. If everyone of her readers would invest only one euro a month in her blog, that would really help her. (This is just $1.37 / month - not even the price of an espresso shot!)

I would like to invite you to follow me and DONATE so she can keep doing the good work ! 

Picture from Miriam's Mused Blog

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