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Friday, February 28, 2014

Romance, the Inspiration behind my Mosaic Eyes

Strange sometimes how inspiration comes up... Here is how I started to my Eyes Mosaics series...

Eye Miniatures or Lovers' Eyes are miniature portraits, usually watercolour on ivory, of the eye or eyes of a loved one or child. They date primarily from late 18th through early 19th century England. Lovers' Eyes were usually commissioned for sentimental reasons and could be worn as bracelets, brooches, pendants or rings, serving the same emotional need as lockets hiding portraits or locks of hair.

They are believed to have originated in 1784 when Britain’s young Prince of Wales fell in love with Maria Fitzherbert, a Catholic widow. Although he was forbidden to marry her, he still pursued her. She rejected his advances and fled to the France where she intended to remain until his feelings would subside. They did not. He wrote to Maria a proposal of marriage, sending along with it a small portrait of his own eye. Impressed by this intimate token of affection Maria returned, and the two wed in a secret ceremony. Later she commissioned the same miniature portraitist to paint for her new husband a tiny portrait of her eye. Thus began an aristocratic trend - which would last for several decades - for exchanging eye portraits.

When my good friend Joe Byers told me the story of these eyes, the Frenchman in me found the idea absolutely so delightful and romantic.. 

Do you realize that each one of these eyes actually belonged to an actual person and that there is probably a secret history of hidden love behind each one of them ? This leaves room for so much imagination !

And so, this inspired me to create Green Eyes, my first mosaic eyes portrait.

Green Eyes - 2011. Marbles, Granite, Mirrors, irridized glass. 13 x 26" . Sold

Since 2010 I have produced 8 large mosaic eye portraits and I am presently working on 3 more. These beautiful pieces are realized according to the reverse method which allows for the use of materials of different thickness such as marbles, granites, ceramics, glasses and mirrors. 

The Afghan Girl's Eyes, 2012, ceramic, marbles, granite mirrors, irridized glasses - 14 x 36". Sold

If you would like to commission an eye portrait of one of your loved one, inquire about the ongoing eyes projects, or simply get in touch, please contact me by email at or by phone at (334) 798 1639.

More of my Mosaic Eyes are displayed in my Portraits gallery.

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