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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Les 3 Sisters - Bilingual Edition !

On June 18, 2014, I completed Mariam and Miriam mosaics by applying a final coat of wax.

June 18 is a very special day for French people.

In May 1940 the German troops went around the famous and impregnable Maginot Line, invading with Tanks and Dive bombing Stukas from the North through the Netherlands and Belgium, when our brilliant Military commanders were expecting them to come from the East.

The French government begged for the invasion to stop and signed a shameful armistice, the French armed forces were disbanded and soldiers requested to surrender their weapons and themselves to German Authorities.

A little known general of the French Infantry escaped to England. On June 18, 1940, he broadcasted on the BBC Radio what is now known as the "Appel du 18 Juin" asking all French men and women to join him to fight the Nazis.

His name was Charles de Gaulle, in my opinion one of the last heroes of French History.


What has this to do with mosaics ? Are you asking.

Nothing !

I just could not resist speaking about this little known part of the history of France. When I was a kid we were told about this again and again, so we would remember. Now, I am not sure this story is told any more. So I tell it.  Lots of movies and legends tell us about the Davids who against all odds take down the Goliaths of the world. When it really happens, it is worth telling !

Back to mosaics, to celebrate June 18, I am pleased to bring to you The 3 Sisters :

And pour vos yeux etonnes, la version francaise : Les trois soeurs

Unless something very unexpected happens one day, these 3 pieces will never be together again. Mariam is flying to France with me on June 24, On June 20, I took Veiled Black and White to the Wiregrass Museum of Art where she will participate to the B14 Biennial show. Miriam is staying with me in Headland and is presently available.

If you are interested in her, in my other works or to simply discuss the wonderful art of mosaics, please contact me by email at or by phone at (334) 798 1639.

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  1. Brilliant story - thank you for telling it. And very funny that it had nothing to do with your work - which is wonderful by the way - but you are so right, stories like that need to be told because they are so important, much appreciation, Gareth.

  2. Great story Frederic, and one that I did not know. Vive la France!