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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Twin Sisters

Today is a great day. I have the great honor and privilege to introduce, for the first time on stage together, the soon to be famous Twin Sisters : Mariam and Mariam Mesh.

On this picture, Mariam (on the left) is close to ready for delivery (she will be flying to France at the end of the month). She has been framed, I only have to left  to grout the gap between the frame and the piece itself, and some waxing and buffing. 

As for Mariam Mesh (on the right), she needs a second round of grout before I send her to Eddy to be framed.

I grout each piece 3 times. It may sound a little extreme, but it is the best way to achieve a very good finish. I actually spend quite a few hours finishing each piece after flipping them ! 

This evening, I did the last round of grouting on Mariam, (edges only) and the second round on Mariam Mesh. Tomorrow will be cleanup day for my beauties ! 

Mariam Mesh will be available for sale in July, if you are interested, please contact me by email at or by phone at (334) 798 1639.

You are also very welcome to contact me to discuss any aspect of the inspired  Art of Mosaics.

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