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Friday, June 13, 2014

What really matters is what you like !

As I was getting in my car to drive home after Sword training 3 weeks ago, I received a surprising phone. This guy, calling from what I thought was Pakistan, asked me if I could sell him a picture of the Afghan Girl mosaic ! 

I could not exactly figure out what he wanted as he had a foreign accent (I know, he probably felt the same) so I asked him to email me the details of what he actually wanted.

I received his email the next day. He actually is an Afghan citizen, living in Australia, and his wife is going to open an Afghan restaurant in Newport NSW - close to Sidney. He had browsed on line for a picture of the Afghan girl, and my mosaic was the only one he liked ! He intended to have it printed and framed to display her in the restaurant.

I was not willing to sell a digital file, but I proposed to sell him a banner I could have printed here. We agreed on pricing and shipping costs, Amed wired me some money, and I had the banner printed ! 

Afghan Girl Mosaic banner 3 x 7'

The printing on a plastified canvas actually came out very nice. This banner is 3 x 7' ( 1 x 2 m) and should really look stunning in the restaurant. It was also much easier to ship than an original mosaic... 

Hopefully I should be able to show you pictures of the restaurant within a few month. It should be delivered in Australia this coming Wednesday June 11.

This is the first time that I sell a reproduction of one of my pieces. I was not so sure about this, but the result being excellent I will start offering this option.

For a fraction of the price of an original, one can own a beautiful signed reproduction... Something you might want to consider.
What really matters is what you like and how much you are willing to pay for. How you relate to the piece and enjoy being around it.

If you are interested by a paper or canvas print of one of my work, please contact me by email at or by phone at (334) 798 1639.

You are also very welcome to contact me about my original pieces or simply to discuss any aspect of the wonderful Art of Mosaics.

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