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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Green Eyes Family

The First Pair of Eyes I created was named Green Eyes.

She was inspired by a picture found a long time ago in a French Magazine.

Green Eyes flew to Dubai in 2013, and went from there to Pakistan.

in 2014, I created Mariam and Miriam based on the same image.

2 sisters in Alabama

Marian flew with me to France in June 2014. She is now in Londinieres, a small town of Normandy. 

Mariam in France.

Miriam won a 1st Prize at the Rudd Center for the Art Show in August 2014.

Miriam in Alabama, July 2014

In April 2015, I started to work on 2 smaller versions of the 2 Green eyes sisters, They will fly with me to France next July, with the Pomegranate Tree and an other secret piece. They are Reverse Method built on a mesh.

2 Green eyes sisters 2015.

These 2 Sisters are mirror images of each other. One of them has a Red Head  Scarf and a Blue Veil, these colours are reversed on her sister. 

Red Turban Green Eyes - 2-15

Blue Turban Green Eyes - 2015

Earlier this year, I was contacted by Amarjeet Singh from India, asking me if he could inspire himself from the original green eye to create a mosaic of his own. I was pleased that he was kind enough to ask. He could have simply done it without asking me. that was a very positive point for him. I told him to go ahead. 

On June 6, 2015, Amarjeet sent me a picture of his excellent work. 

Amarjeet Singh's Green eyes. - New Delhi, India
So now we have a total of 6 Green Eyes mosaics, based on the same original design, of different size and different colours.

One is in Pakistan, one is in Londinieres, France, one is in Dothan, Alabama, USA. 2 will soon be in France, one is in New Delhi, India...

So I had the idea of releasing the original design for any person interested to try to create another Green Eyes mosaic. I have used open source softwares for years, freely, because people released the result of their work for free on the net. Now I am doing the same with green eyes. 

Here is the original design of the 2011 Green Eyes.

Please use it to create your own version of her. You do not have to respect the original colours. You can modify her. It would be nice to mention me when you publish your work, but you do not even have to. I will create a private Facebook page for all those of you who decide to create a Green eyes mosaic, who would like to publicize their work.

I hope to help lots of you realize how creative you can be and that you will enjoy becoming part of the great international community of mosaicists ! 

If you need a higher definition of the model, please contact me at

I will also try to answer all questions you may have to help you build your own Green Eyes. Good Luck, please keep in touch !

I am a modern mosaic artist with a deep admiration for ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine Arts. You can see my own mosaics on my site at mosaicblues

If you are interested by my work or would like to drop me a line please contact me by email at or by phone 
at (334) 798 1639. 

You can also 

(and I recommend it !)

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