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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Miura Hanshi Mosaic, Half Way there...

Hello everyone, 

As per this Monday morning, August31,  2015, the project has collected a total of $2,942.00 or 53 % of a total goal of $5,500.00. Pledges have been coming mostly from United States last week.

I explained all the details of this project in my last update post last week.

The mosaic model.

Here is the link to the project : The Miura Hanshi Mosaic Portrait.

This result is exciting of course. I have been wanting to do this mosaic for a long time. Actually, I started to think about it about 4 years ago, while Miura Hanshi, and Shimabukuro Hanshi were still alive. I wish they both had been able to see it... This will be my way to thank Muira Hanshi for all he taught to the men and women who teach me today ! Now, with your support, it might very well become true.

Beside the financial contributions, I have also received very kind words of people who cannot contribute financially but send words of encouragement, and ask me what tey can do to help. And it is very important, because pledging money is not the only way you can help !

One very important thing you can do is SHARE the project around you. 

This is very easy to do : 

Go to the Project Page by clicking HERE

Under the video find the line "Share this Project" 

Click on it, and a wide box will open under it. 

This box has several sharing options to different social networks, from left to right Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler & Pinterest. The most important are Facebook and Twittter.

So now if you click on the Facebook Share button, a window will open on your screen.

This is the regular Facebook Sharing window. Please share to your timeline. It would greatly help if you'd add a small line such as "Check my friend Frederic's awesome Mosaic and Martial Arts project !"

For those of you who use Twitter, you can use the same procedure to share, Twiter will directly generate the tweet on a window, you just have to send it !

Thank you, 


I am a modern mosaic artist with a deep admiration for ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine Arts. You can see my own mosaics on my site at mosaicblues.

If you are interested by my work or would like to drop me a line 
please contact me by email at  
or by phone at (334) 798 1639. 

   You can also
(and I recommend it !)

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