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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cross Training

Cross-Training is a term often employed in the worlds of Business and Sports.
But such an activity can also be very beneficial for Artists and other creative persons !

Think about it...

Cross Training - English 20160730 from Frederic Lecut on Vimeo.

Cross Training est un anglicisme souvent rencontre dans les domaines de l'Entreprise ou du Sport. 
Mais ce type d'activites peut aussi etre tres benefique pour les artistes et autres creatifs !

Pensez-y !

Cross Training - Francais 20160730 from Frederic Lecut on Vimeo.

I m a French mosac artist based in Alabama. My Art is about Inspiring people, I am presently working on huge portraits of the eyes of Yezidi Refugees. A few times a year, I also do commissions.  
If you are interested by my work, please contact me by phone at (334) 798 1639 or by email at
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Je suis un Artiste Mosaiste installe en Alabama. Mon Art est a propos de l"Inspiration. N ce moment, je travaille a de grands portraits des Yeux de refugies Yezidis. Chaque annee, je realise aussi quelques portraits de mosaique pour des particuliers. 
Si mon travail vous interesse vous pouvez me contacter par telephone au 334 798 1639 (aux Etats Unis), ou par email a
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