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Monday, October 31, 2016

At the Mercy of War.

Sharbat Gula's green eyes were immortalized on the cover of National Geographic in 1985. You might have seen her at your dentist's office, or picking up your mail.

She got your attention. 

She was the inspiration for my second eye mosaic. 

Gula was just 12 when Steve McCurry took her picture in a refugees camp in Peshawar along Pakistan's frontier with Afghanistan.

Now in her 40s, Gula is still in Peshawar, one of at least 1.5 million Afghan refugees who resides in Pakistan. But as of October 2016, she is in police custody on charges of possessing a fake Pakistani national identification card. 

Her mug shot  illustrates the  sad story Gula shares with countless women and children at the mercy of wars they did not started or want.

She faces seven to 14 years in prison and a fine of $3,000 to $5,000 if convicted.

I am not sure how to help her, but I would gladly build an other mosaic of Gula's eyes, and donate half of the profit of the sale if someone would commission such a piece. 

Yezidi people suffer in even worse ways Gula is suffering. I have realized a set of 8 mosaics of the eyes of Yezidi children and women and am still trying to find a way to organize a sale or auction for them. 

I will donate half of the profit to the Free Yezidi Foundation, an organization dedicated to relieving the sufferings of the Yezidi people. 

We are in need of help to organize this event. If you believe you could help,  please contact me at or Allyson who is the US responsible for Free Yezidi Foundation at

More about Sharbat Gula.

More about The Yezidi Mosaic Project

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