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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Home Made Martellina and Hardie

The Martellina and Hardie have been used since ancient times and are still one of the preferred methods for smalti & stone. The smalti or stone is placed on the blade of the chisel at right angles and by delivering a sharp blow with the martellina a clean-cut is made.

The Martellina is a heavy hammer with a short handle and sharp edges. Often the chiseled edges of modern Martelina are made of tungsten carbide.

The hardie is a sort of anvil, also with a sharp edge. It is traditionally mounted in a log.

These tools are not cheap. I found today a company selling both for $199 out of Canada.

This is ridiculously expensive. You actually can substitute actual stone mason tools for them...

I built this stone-cutting stand myself and it is fitted with regular mason tools. The Hardie is a classic brick cutting Chisel and the Martelina is a stone mason hammer.

I purchased both tools from Lowes. The Chisel cost me $9.00, and the Hammer was on sale at $2.00 (its regular price should be more like $15.00).

The log comes from a tree I fell last fall. I screwed it on top of an old wooden stool. Basically, the whole thing cost me less than $15.00...

I find using tools of my own design and make is very rewarding. If they cost me 5 % of the regular retail price, it is twice as rewarding...


  1. Thank you for sharing this!!! I have not yet tried hammer and hardie, because of cost. I may try to make my own this summer, armed with your wonderful suggestions. Do you have any links or exact descriptions of the products from Lowes?

  2. Frederic Lecut, that is pure genius! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. for pictures, simply Image Google "Brick Chisel" and "Mason Hammer"